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Enjoy your day with BSEA SUNSPORTS

Transportation flexibility is available.

We are open to your request for the specific time you want to be picked up and dropped off (first-come-first-serve basis)

Paradise awaits you.

The beautiful Managaha Island is surrounded by its pristine crystal-clear turquoise water. Without exception, all of our first-time visitors to the surrounding waters of Managaha (as we approach) let out a resounding "WOW!" at the site of the beautiful blue-glow of the water there.
Choose the trip to Managaha Island on our glass bottom boat at no additional charge! The sights to see are awesome!

The Managaha area is ideal for all marine sports.

We have different choices of fun-filled marine sports to choose from or you may combine activities as you please. ENJOY !

"Hada adai" and see you again.

You have the option to return from Managaha Island anytime prior to our last departure (at 4:00 pm).

All B-SEA SUNSPORTS. tours are cover by REAL liability insurance.

A *PROFESSIONAL MARINE SPORTS BUSINESS in Saipan bases its pricing on the quality of their tour and the years their safety system is built upon.
  • Professional businesses have REAL Class A liability insurance from REAL U.S.
  • Their sport equipment (ropes, harnesses, life vests, etc.) is in strict adherence to a quality inspection and replacement program.
  • Their mechanical equipment follows a strict ("non piece-meal","non-bastardized") preventive maintenance program.
  • Their captains and crewmen are put through professional practical and safety training programs and fall under the U.S. Coast Guard Random Drug Testing Program.
  • Their water staff is American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified with updated renewals.
  • Their local marine sports permit is obtained, complied with, and adhered to. All captains are U.S. Coast Guard licensed for their respective vessel.
  • All parasail captains are required to pass the professional 30 day behind-the-wheel practical training program.

RISKS ARE INHERENT IN ALL MARINE SPORTS;it is the strict endeavor of all *professional marine sports companies to minimize this risk.

Reguler inspection and servicing of engine room.

CPR class at American Red Cross.

Company Name B-SEA INC.
Address PMB 789 PPP PO BOX 10000 SAIPAN, MP 96950-8900 (Beach Rd. Garapan)
TEL 1-670-233-2732/7268 or 287-4359(JAPANESE)
Founded in 1993
Owner Bill Owens
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